• Steven Doughty

Critical Experience : Speculative AR Information Censoring

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Expanding on the Idea of Augmented Reality being an additional technological filter between physical stimulus and biological perception. This is a rough mock-up or "janky proto-type" of how I imagine an object like google-glass could generate a less stressful and simpler environment for people by censoring or reducing the amount of extraneous information and data in their daily lives.

The first set of photos imagines a filter used while shopping, blurring out items that are not on your shopping list. This allows the user to avoid choice anxiety typically induced in shopping and consumer spaces.

The second set of photos shows a way to reduce confusing or conflicting administrative or logistic information. This could be applied to buss schedules or even personal office environments.

The next set, highlights the ability to obscure marketing and advertisement media which is often designed to influence behavior.

The last images show the power of the technology to reduce distracting, confusing, or unpleasant visual images and applying a generic overlay reducing unconscious cognitive load.

These examples are visual, but the ability for AR to add custom filters to help individuals reduce stress, distractions, and other confusing physical stimulus. This idea of a technological information filter could also be extended to the other senses. A sort of helmet that might also incorporate noise cancelling and natural language processing audio technology, feedback motors to distract other physical sensations, or even olfactory elements.

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