• Steven Doughty

Critical Experiences: Daily Practice-Information Decay

Starting with digital photos. I began a daily practice of copying the photos using different technologies, techniques, and mediums. Hoping to explore the idea of decaying or degrading information overtime. Initially, I was hoping for a sort of fax-machine / early photocopier effect which became more pronounced with each copy, this proved to be more difficult to achieve than expected these technologies work much better now a days than they do in my memory. So I experimented with some other, hopefully, messier methods.

The process went as follows.

Took a digital photograph of an object.

Emailed the photo to the printer(s).

Printed the photo at full scale.

Hand sketched the photo with black ink at roughly 1/4 scale.

Photocopied the sketch to full scale.

Used carbon/transfer paper to make an additional copy.

Took a digital photograph of that copy.

Created a stencil with a needle.

Used chisel tipped ink markers to fill the stencil.

Final photograph.

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