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Critical Experiences: Data Expiration

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

During my interview with Adam he reframed my "metaphor-question" about information decay as data expiration. Expiration dates typically seen on consumer products which are sometimes related to actual organic food decay as well as quality, safety, and life-cycle standards are a common visual element for many people. Acting as meta-information about the contents of a particular container the dates, expiration dates let people know when it may be in their best interest in discarding a product without even closely examining/opening it. I will be exploring extending this metaphor to more abstract and less traditional concepts and objects in the coming days.


Dot Matrix Font - Convenient Quora Link Regarding Fonts Used in Expiration Labels.

This recognizable font is result of labelling machines and printers having custom fonts directly programmed.


Most common date elements are expired by, best by, and manufactured. Typically abbreviated the date format seems to vary by region and product.

Newtonian Mechanics -

Made on : JUL 1687 - Newton’s Principia

EXP JUN 1905 - Einstein's SR

Phlogiston -

MADEON 1669 - Physica Subterranea Johanna Becher

EXP JUL 1783 - Réflexions sur le phlogistique (Reflections on Phlogiston)

Cassette Tape


BEST BEFORE AUG1982 -- First commercial release of audio CD.


MADEON - APR1973 - Motorola cell phone

BESTBY - JAN2007 - Iphone Release

Election Ballots

MADEON - ???

EXP - Election Day

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