• Steven Doughty

Critical Experiences: Information Decay Interviews

The following is some general reflection on the two Interviews. I did while looking into and researching my topic of "Information Decay". For both interviews I chose to speak with research academics. These people deal explicitly with data and information both as a tool for study and as an object of study and I think each have a unique perspective on the idea of information. I did not approach individuals that study or work with information, media, or communications technologies directly for two reasons. First, I was looking to gain perspective that was more pragmatic and possibly less philosophical with tangible examples, while still remaining partially immaterial, of the difference between data and information. Second, is simply that they are my friends and as someone with little interviewing experience it seemed easier to approach people I already knew.

This first interview is with Adam Ramey, Professor of American Political Science.

Adam's work focuses on the behavior of the American political elite and how the language and media they use relate to their ideologies, personalities, and behaviors.

The second interview is with Kraig Bartel, Post-Doc Researcher in History of Science. Kraig is currently researching the interaction between intellectual networks of the 17th century with a focus on the Jesuits of that time period.

//disclaimer : As both interviews are personal friends and I am not an experienced interviewer. I apologize in advance to anyone who reads or listens for any references to events or personal histories outside of the immediate conversation as well as possible foul language. Also the technology used to record is not ideal and the quality suffers.

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