• Steven Doughty

Critical Experiences: Mukbang for None

There is a Korean trend of eating meals and sharing the experience online to create and audio-visual experience called the Mukbang. This has become a world-wide internet fad and also has some similarities and overlaps to the western trends of over documenting and sharing eating experiences on social media. I wanted to create an experience for people in which the physical and informational footprint of this sort of experience was not hidden or disconnected as is typical with digital environments. In this prototype people are invited to sit at a table and eat a snack or meal. The cameras, screens, cables, and other equipment are the primary feature of the experience and are presented in a cluttered and haphazard way. The equipment live records and displays the experience to the user, the information is then stored without compression on servers which are located inside the room and are routinely deleted when the user leaves the space.

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