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Design For Communication : Animated Movie Poster "Sorry to Bother You"

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

This is my final animated movie poster for the film "Sorry to Bother You". The workflow for the process involved a fairly steep learning curve with Adobe After Effects and to a lesser extent Adobe Illustrator. I found it difficult to bridge the gap between what I was imagining and how the software behaved, which led to several iterations and re-starts. I think the final product is presentable in its own right, but to me has feels unfinished.

The animated elements feature a cyclical blur of the moon and a flickering of the window lights. This was accomplished by splitting each notable object into layers while creating them in illustrator.

In future iterations I think I would do more to brighten the overall mood of the poster, the movie itself is not particularly dark so the night-scene feels somewhat out of place. I am although, particularly pleased with outcome of the windows and I think this element could stand on its own without the other effects. It would be rewarding to expand this aspect to cover additional windows or possibly encode a message into the sequence of lights as they turn on and off. I find the blurring of the moon very effective visually, but also distracting to the overall gestalt of the work. I would also like to see the title block more in the style of graffiti street art instead. Overall i think the project highlighted a lot of areas in which i could learn and improve and hopefully provides a strong foundation in the future for similar work.

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