• Steven Doughty

Design for Communication : Movie Poster Sketches

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Inspired by some of the prominent colors used in the film and the general feeling of otherness the protagonist experiences. I attempted to achieve a sort of stereotypical psychedelic effect with my color palette. Additionally I added an imposing silhouette of one of the characters above a crowd of protesters, this imagery plays with some of the recurring elements in the movie.

I would like to find a more iconic typeface for the title block and experiment more with line weight of the index and icons on the lower part of the picture in additional to adding more organic shape to the back ground.

This concept moves toward a more muted palette and away from icons of people. I am still exploring a sort of retro theme and trying to capture the feeling of an 70s or 80s magazine advertisement to set-up the film's themes regarding capitalism. I've also placed some horses in the phone dials to foreshadow and borrow from one of the movie's extended metaphors. Moving forward with this work would likely involve some animation with the horses and finding an additional element to add to the poster to help direct the eye from the text to the primary image.

I wanted to highlight the ant-capitalist themes more aggressively in this final sketch. I placed likeness of the Kaiser building, one of Oakland's first skyscrapers, below a symbolic moon in the form of an American quarter. As the eye follows the Z patter across the page there is gap between the slope of the sleek building and and the mass of organic abstract shapes that is derived from a crowd of people climbing on each other. I recognize at this point I may be over using the cut-out effect on illustrator, but there is something about it I find extremely satisfying. I will likely attempt to animate this particular poster for the final deliverable of this project. I do not like the font and hope to find something less distracting.

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