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Design for Communication : Visual Analysis "Logan's Run"

1975's cult sci-fi classic "Logan's Run" has a poster that features an array of psychedelic, Utopian, and sci-fi imagery. To convey the message and theme of the film. The poster features four distinct and notable elements aligned along a central axis and presented in a symmetrical arrangement.

The first element consist of two sub text elements, announcing a scene and setting for the world of the film. Bold black sans-serif typeface is used to imply a sense of totalitarianism and control this is immediately softened by the rounded lower case letters of the tag-line which are presented in a softer and cooler blue. This first element serves two purposes. The first to draw the eye of the viewer downward and second to act as a sort of visual foreshadowing of the other elements in the poster.

The second element, as the eye begins moving down the poster consists of the movie title styled in electric colors with a typeface reminiscent of neon lights or a laser show. This very mechanical and technological lettering is placed center, in front of a rainbow, and above a very clean retro-future skyline. This element viewed as a whole projects an air of control, excitement, unity, and the prosperity of early futurist utopias. Which is in direct opposition of the following segment.

With a collage of psychedelically stylized scenes from the film without clear borders and composed of an array of highly contrasted colors and shapes, the third element on the page is in nearly every way different that the image directly above it. This suggests a heaven above and hell below relationship between the advertised world of Logan's Run and the world it's citizens actually occupy.

The last thing of note to the viewer is the image of the two protagonists running out of a break in the chaotic imagery above them. The movement of the characters away from the scene strongly implies idea of escape or fleeing. This idea is supported by the final tagline, which in small sharp blood red letters that hint at some sort of deadly price and finishing the repeating pattern safety, utopia, and prosperity juxtaposed with confusion, chaos, and sacrifice.

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