• Steven Doughty

Pavlov's Mind Map

I've cobbled together an initial mind map of my topic and found a few articles and resources exploring my topic. The topic is quite large and typically very technical so I am still in search of an aspect of it that is representative of the overall concept but still specific enough to not be trivial.

Some current contenders include "designed obesogenic environments", "the relation of drug overdose to the conditioned compensatory response", and the "gamification of the learning process".


  1. Heroin "overdose" death: contribution of drug-associated environmental cues

  2. Conditioned compensatory response to alcohol placebo in humans

  3. Obesogenic Environments: Complexities, Perceptions and Objective Measures

  4. Learned Overeating: Applying Principles of Pavlovian Conditioning to Explain and Treat Overeating

  5. Handbook of Color Psychology

  6. Color Psychology: A Review

  7. Behavioral Studies of Pavlovian Conditioning

  8. The Inclusion of Gamification Elements in the Educational Process

  9. Pavlovian Conditioning: A Functional Perspective

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