• Steven Doughty

Visual Field Guide: Pavlov's Bus

Updated: Sep 23, 2020

Classical conditioning works by pairing a neutral stimulus with and unconditioned stimulus. neutral stimuli are those stimuli which have elicit no response, such as a bell tone. Unconditioned stimuli have innate or unconditioned responses, this includes things like the classical example of dogs salivating in the presence of food. The repeated pairing of these stimuli eventually converts the neutral stimulus into a conditioned stimulus which then causes the unconditioned response even in the absence of the of the unconditioned stimulus.

The first thing that comes to my mind when thinking of this is a system of public transport like a bus route. With the bus being the neutral stimulus and the people alighting it the as the conditioned stimulus. After repeated trips a bus will begin to stop and open its doors at some bus stops that in the past may have typically had potential passengers there, but currently don't or visa-versa.

There is a lot of visual language around public transport routes and many are dissociated from the actual physical and temporal space they represent so that they can be made more accessible. Below are a few examples.

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